Reading the manual

Recently I bought a new appliance for the home, and as usual, I couldn’t wait to get the thing out of the box, unwrapped, plugged in and up and running. That’s pretty much what I’ve always done and in most cases that has worked. However, when it doesn’t work properly there is always the user’s …

Ian McKerral

I have been using the WMC hide pipe bag with MCS since 2013. It has a great solid feel under the arm and the MCS has been well constructed and works efficiently. Being a bagpipe instructor I feel that it is very important that the students develop the correct posture when playing. This is where …

Gordon Bruce

I have been using an extended small Bannatyne hide zipper bag in my solo playing since 2011. It is a very comfortable bag to play with a great feel under the arm. I have also recently started playing the moisture control system, and cannot get over the amount of playing time I can get out …

Alex Gandy

I’ve been playing the WMC bag along with the moisture system since the start of August. The bag I had been playing in July was causing some pain in my left hand and my dad was playing the WMC bag so I tried it. It instantly got better. The cut of the bag leaves room …

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