Simon McKerrell – SoSPB

Simon McKerrell – SoSPB

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Simon McKerrell

I’m very pleased with my new Banntyne Hide bag and Moisture Control System. After quite a few attempts with various systems I have finally found something that allows me to play as long as I want to, and feels very comfortable.

I’m particularly happy with the shape of the bag and also the free flowing air to the drones. Quite a few systems seem to impede the drone sound, and reduce the overall quality of sound of the pipe; happily this set up does not and is really not noticeable once I’m up and playing.

Simon is a Premier graded solo competitor with long experience of competing and teaching.

Simon McKerrell is an expert performer of Highland-, Border- and Uilleann-pipes which drives his research interests, his day job being as a Lecturer in Music at Newcastle University. He has toured, taught and performed in countries such as: the USA, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Iceland, France, Spain, Switzerland and throughout Britain. He was a founding member of the band Back of the Moon and is currently a member of Rough Tides, The Sprit of Scotland Pipe Band ( and La Banda Europa (

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