Peter Hunt – SoSPB

Peter Hunt – SoSPB

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Peter HuntSince I have started using the Bannatyne Hide Bag along with the Moisture Control System, my pipes have never been steadier.

The Moisture Control System allows me more playing time between drying times compared to the other systems I have tried. The colour changing beads along with the see through canister is a great aid to controlling the moisture.

There does not seem to be a big variance in pitch when a dry canister is used at first and the pipes settle quicker than the other systems I have tried.

The bag shape is very comfortable, the Extended Small allows me to get the bag well up under my arm without compromising the air capacity, it seems to “stick” under my arm and does not normally slip during performances.

Peter Hunt is a well-established Premier solo piper, who regularly takes prizes at Oban, Inverness and London contests, He has competed in the Former Winners at Inverness for a number of years and is a prolific prize-winner round the Highland Games circuit.

In addition to this, Peter has been competing at the highest level, Grade One, Pipe bands for more than 30 years, having won several major championships with Scottish Power Pipe Band, where he was for several years the Pipe-Sergeant. He is now a member of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band.

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