Jori Chisholm

Jori Chisholm

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joriI love my Bannatyne hybrid pipe bag.

The bag is exceptionally well made and feels solid under my arm.  Any piper can install it in less than five minutes.  The ingenious combination of leather and synthetic layers provides the best of both worlds: the solid feel of a traditional hide bag on the outside with a quick-drying inside that remains perfectly airtight and maintenance-free even after years of heavy playing.  The high-quality zipper allows easy access to any combination of water traps or moisture control system that you prefer.  I play a small bag with a zipper on the bottom, and Bannatyne offers a wide range of sizes and configurations.  The size and shape of the bag are an important part of my winning set up.  The bag stays firmly under my arm with no slippage and helps me play my pipes with comfort and ease even during the most demanding performances.

For many years, I have been recommending Bannatyne pipe bags to all my students and everyone loves them!

Jori Chisholm is Founder and Chief Instructor,

Jori has made his mark on the international competitive piping scene winning top prizes, including the first-ever United States Gold Medal Piping Championship, which he has now won four times, the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Bronze Star for First Place in the ‘A’ Marches at the Argyllshire Gathering in Oban, and Runner-Up in the Silver Medal Piobaireachd at the Northern Meeting in Inverness. Jori is a regular winner of top competitions in North America and Scotland. In 2010, Jori won the Best Overall Open ‘A’ Piper and the ‘A’ Piobaireachd (for the second time) at the Cowal Highland Gathering, the largest Highland Games in the World.

Jori is a member of the world-famous Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, and has played with the band when they won the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow on 3 occasions. Jori has appeared on numerous recordings as a soloist and pipe band member, including a live concert recordings at the Sydney Opera House and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Jori has performed with many notable musicians, including sold-out concerts with the Irish supergroup The Chieftains and legendary ex-Grateful Dead rocker Bob Weir and RatDog.

His long-anticipated solo album, Bagpipe Revolution, was released in 2008 to rave reviews and an Album of the Year nomination by PipesDrums magazine.

A native of Lake Oswego, Oregon, Jori started piping at age 11 with instruction from Colin MacKenzie.  Jori credits Colin for instilling in him a deep passion for the pipes, and particularly for Piobaireachd — the classical music of the Highland bagpipe.  Jori found early success on the competition scene, winning the Most Promising Amateur Piper prize at the B.C. Pipers Annual Gathering two years in a row.

Jori graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Psychology with Phi Beta Kappa Honors, where he studied learning, the psychology of music, and performance psychology.  He teaches piping in Seattle and to students of all ages and skill levels around the world through his pioneering educational website

In 2003, Jori was the very first to offer bagpipe lessons via webcam and Skype. In 2006, he created the first-of-its-kind and incredibly popular Tune Lesson�Downloads, a complete learning solution to help pipers learn tunes faster than ever before. In 2010, he launched his Video Lesson Downloads with high-quality video demonstrations of all the basics of bagpipe fingering, including the Learn the Pipes Video Series for pipers starting at Day One.

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