Bannatyne Pipe Bags

Bannatyne Pipe Bags

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Prior to use

Before closing your pipe bag for the first time it is very important that you lubricated the teeth of the zip with grease supplied with the bag. This allows the teeth to mesh together, completing the seal and providing a smooth slide during closing the teeth without the need to tug. At the end of the slide the slider will click in place. There is no need for an extra tug.

Connecting the stocks

Start with the bass stock, smear a small amount of washing up liquid inside the collar this is to make it easier to push the stock into position. Push the stock through the star fabric to the desired position; this may take few sharp movements of the stock. Repeat this process for the two tenor stocks.

An `O` rings is supplied for the chanter stock, this should be placed onto the groove of the stock and pushed into a firm position within the neck of the bag. Then use insulation tape to wrap over the bag and chanter stock. The seal is complete by using the jubilee clip provided to fasten over the `O` ring.

Moisture Control

Attached the Water retention sleeve or Tube bottle trap supplied to the mouth piece stock. After prolonged playing remove the sleeve / bottle from the bag and dry overnight. After each use open the zip of the pipe bag to release any moisture within the bag.


The Bannatyne pipe bag is guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, proof of purchased must be provided, or alternatively from the date stamped inside the pipe bag.

If the unlikely event of any manufacturing defects then the bag shall have to be returned to your seller or directly to Bannatyne. Before any pipe bag is replaced Bannatyne must carry out an analysis to find out if the bag has a manufacturing defect or the customer has misused the product.

Bannatyne`s guarantee is not valid if the customer has used device within the bag which may cause damage.


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