Ashley McMichael – FMMPB

Ashley McMichael – FMMPB

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“When I Ashley McMichaelfirst received my Bannatyne Bag and MCS, I was really impressed with how easy and quick it was to tie on. The MCS is great in that the tubes are really strong so there is far less chance of them breaking or getting flat spots when bent. I find it really helpful that the contents of the canister change from orange to green when they need dried out. The system is really easy and quick to dry out just pop in the oven for a few minutes and that’s it. The zip on the bag allows easy access to the MCS and also lets inside the bag dry out after periods of playing.

The Bannatyne Hide bag is super for me as I was used to sheepskin so making the switch didnt take any time to get used to it as its very solid under the arm and a far more comfortable shape. With most other synthetic bags, I found I lost a bit of depth in the chanter and drones, but not with the Bannatyne Hide bag, I still have full harmonics of the drones and chanter and good depth in the chanter especially on the top hand.

Since I have been playing the bag and MCS I have been able to benefit more from being able to get a full practise session done without having to stop and dry out drone reeds because of moisture problems and reeds getting wet. I don’t have that problem now and can 100% concentrate on my tunes, get my practise done and in competition days not have that dreaded worry of drones getting wet and going out of tune during a performance.”

Ashley has been a member of the all-conquering Field marshal Montgomery pipe band for a long number of years, winning the worlds several times and also every other pipe band title.

He is now establishing himself as a solo piper, not only in Northern Ireland but now on the solo scene in Scotland, having won several Piobaireachd and light music events in 2012.

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